no fault divorce williamsburgFor the flat attorney's fee of $500, plus applicable court costs (filing fees) we will handle your no-fault, no-issue, uncontested divorce in Virginia from start to finish. However, yes, there is some 'fine print.

If you have children, support issues, property issues and retirement pay divisions that need to be addressed in the final decree, there will be extra charges. The amount will be consistent with the low cost divorce we intend to offer. We just need to tell you here that they are not included in the $500 divorce. Your attorney will quote you these charge at the initial consultation. No surprise charges at the end!

If you need a simple separation agreement to qualify for a 6 month divorce, we will charge you $400 for that agreement. "Simple" means the 'status quo' is what you (and your spouse) desire -- no support, no property division, no debts of yours you expect the other to pay, and no debts in joint names. We can, of course, draft for you agreements that address and settle any and all of these issues, too. It's just that they do not qualify as 'simple.' Ask your attorney for a quote. You will find that even complicated agreements can be remarkably affordable.