To get your FBI background check, please visit and order it. Once you receive it, send it back to the U.S. Department of State for authentication, and then have it legalized by the Omani embassy. Yes, you need legalization from the Omani embassy or consulate. You must obtain authentication from the U.S. Department of State before sending your document to the Embassy of Oman. Oman is not a party to the Hague Convention. Document legalization in Oman differs depending on the type of document you have. If the document was created by your company, it must be signed and notarized.

Example: Power of Attorney letter or agency agreement. The Embassy of Oman accepts a document issued in one state and notarized to be certified as an original document of another state. If your document has only one notary or is notarized as an authentic copy of the original, you can choose case “A”. US Legalization will take all necessary steps to obtain the necessary certificates to obtain legalization from the Embassy of Oman. There are four main steps required to obtain legalization of the Omani embassy. (Four in the Arab courtiers and three in the rest) Please pay attention to the requirements of your document to avoid delays in the legalization process. Alternatively, the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Muscat can confirm your statement about the accuracy of your document issued in the U.S.

for a fee of $50.00 or OMR 20,000. Before making this option, you should check with the competent authorities in Oman if they accept your declaration. Legalization of the U.S. Embassy is only possible by appointment. You can access the appointment page under When visiting the embassy, please bring two government-issued IDs with photos, as you will need to leave one with the security forces inside the building. The U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce helps U.S. exporters and businesses expedite the legalization process and obtain the necessary certifications in a timely manner.

The U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement removed certificates of origin and other legalization requirements for trade documents (see attached letter (PDF 48 KB). Oman has acceded to the Hague Convention on Legalization (a.k.a. Apostille Convention) with effect from 30 January 2012. As between the Parties to this Convention, this Treaty shall reduce the authentication procedure to a single formality; the issuance of an authentication certificate by an authority designated by the country where the public document was issued. This certificate is called an apostille. You must return the apostilled document to the United States. State Department, authentication office and inform them that you want to use it in Oman. You will delete the apostille and replace it with authentication. After that, you need to legalize it at the Omani embassy. Note: You should not delete an apostille or authentication yourself. Only an authorized official of the U.S. Department of State can complete this process.

If your document was issued by a “state court,” you must have it stamped by the court clerk and then receive a certificate from your secretary of state. Proceed with authentication and legalization at the Embassy of Oman. If your document was issued by a federal court, you must have it certified by the Department of Justice in Washington DC and then obtain a certificate from your Secretary of State. Proceed with authentication and legalization at the Embassy of Oman. The apostille is a final step for all participating countries in The Hague. Oman is not a Hague country. For this reason, your document must also be certified by the U.S. Department of State and legalized by the Embassy of Oman. I have an Omani birth certificate issued in Oman. How do I get an apostille for my birth certificate in Mexico? You cannot use the U.S.

certification or authentication system for documents issued by another country. You must return your birth certificate to Oman, have it certified by the foreign authority of Oman and legalize it at the Embassy of Mexico in Oman. Since February 17, 2017, commercial invoices and certificates of origin must be legalized by the Embassy of Oman in WashingtonDC. Tel. +968 24 602 612 or 24 602 063; Fax +968 24 602 063; Website The apostille is a valid and legalized certificate in all member countries of the Hague Convention. Any document issued by the country of origin and to be used in another country must be legalized or apostilled before it can be certified authentic abroad. Apostille is a valid certificate that verifies and confirms the signature and seal of the person who validated the specific document. Oman acceded to the Hague Convention with the signing of the Apostille Treaty on 30 January 2012. It is the only country that accepts the Apostille Treaty to the Gulf Cooperation Council. Under this treaty, the government of a receiving country is legally obliged to accept documents issued by the apostille of the sending country, mainly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus, the host country accepts any document, even if it is not certified by its embassy in the sending country. DC apostille may legalize certain types of Omani Embassy documents in Washington DC, such as federal documents or state public documents. The legalization of the Embassy of Oman has been confirmed by the Embassy of Oman in Washington DC using DC Apostille with the Expedited Legalization Services of the Embassy of DC. The Embassy of Oman will legalize the document based on the signature of Secretary of State Amtony Blinken. (Programmable) The authentication fee is $20 and can be processed in 25 business days depending on the postal service or 4 business days depending on the walk-in service. The Embassy of Oman has the right to read the contents of the document and refuse legalization if it does not agree with a specific statement contained therein. According to the new rules of the Chinese consulate, please add the following: The stamp of the Arab Chamber of Commerce of the United States may be required for documents intended for use in Oman. We recommend that companies check with their partner in Oman if they need the USACC stamp. The stamp duty is $35 based on the next day service. (all types of documents except invoice or certificate of origin).