Honestly, I don`t know how my situation would have turned out without the help of Oakwood Legal Group. My cousin told me to look at this law firm. I`m glad I did, I can`t really go into the details of my case, but I can mention that they went to war in my favor! Satisfied customer! “Mike and his team are professional and incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend the OLG team to anyone seeking legal advice for personal injury. My case was originally considered “easy” or so I thought. The insurance company started blaming my injuries on things from my past and my other law firm wouldn`t fight anymore. I was referred to Oakwood Legal Group and they DID NOT give up until I got the best result possible! I got the best insurance possible. I highly recommend these guys. Oakwood Legal Group is the leading personal injury law firm in California. Our lawyers have sophisticated legal training from some of the best law schools in the country, including Harvard Law School and UCLA School of Law. Easily screwed me up with more money than I earned. I was a passenger in a Lyft that was responsible for an accident and I received a broken neck and ankle and the lack of urgency over 2 years is BULL$#*!.

Literally the biggest joke and the most expensive company ever. $#*! Oakwood. My case manager was Maria Romero, she was supposed to be looking for another job. She wasted money on this deal. We have set records in the state of California for our brilliant legal work and recovered millions for our clients across California. We successfully solve serious traffic accidents, bodily injuries, slips and falls, as well as sexual abuse cases. From the beginning, the oak wood was damn awesome. The consultation was quick, easy and very informative and they gave me the opportunity to meet at home, in their offices or sign the documents by email. I quickly went to the doctor and felt normal pretty quickly and, thankfully, my case had just been closed with much more than I had thought for my pain, suffering, and general discomfort.

I searched long and hard for a good law firm and none of them have the Harvard training that Oakwood has, as well as the litigation experience that they have. They have an unparalleled reputation, and the insurance company and the lawyer, on the other hand, were basically afraid of us. I really can`t say enough about these guys. We were representing the young children of farm workers who died in a terrible tractor-trailer accident. With nine defense lawyers involved, all trying to deny responsibility, we took the case to court. On the eve of the trial, the defense relented and settled for $4.25 million. “Very professional and friendly for my case. The case manager immediately started the process and made sure I was taken care of in every way possible. I was impressed by the communication and their commitment to compensate me again in a healthy and fair way. I highly recommend Oakwood Legal Group.¬†Oakwood Legal Group, LLP helped secure a $13,000,000 global settlement in a sexual abuse case. Claim your ad for free to respond to reviews, update your profile, and manage your listing. Our client suffered a minor head injury as a result of a trip and fall.

The insurance company`s best offer before the trial was $225,000. After a 6-week trial, the jury returned a verdict totaling $4.1 million. Very easy to work with, everything managed from start to finish like real professionals. I recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer. These people don`t have time to listen to customers or show empathy. I don`t think you should stick to it if you have another choice. It is never easy to deal with the physical and emotional trauma of violence, let alone sexual abuse. At Oakwood Legal Group, we are with you every step of the way.

It really changed my life after what was originally the worst thing that ever happened to me. I thought I had nowhere to go and no options, I even had a lawyer who told me not to prosecute anything, but Olg stepped in and just blew me away with what they were doing. Unreal Law Firm I will always appreciate Oakwood Legal Group has a consumer rating of 4.1 stars out of 10 reviews, which indicates that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers who are satisfied with Oakwood Legal Group most often mention the law firm. Oakwood Legal Group ranks 15th among law firms. Our clients have suffered serious injuries that have required several operations. Before our intervention, the insurance company accused our client of drunk driving. We managed to raise $2,300,000.00 for our clients.

Products used: WORST LAW FIRM EVER. I called 2 other local law firms in BAKERSFIELD (from all locations) and they even said how much they hate working with this firm.