Hi, I`m Saurav Kumar, graduating from the University of Bhopal National Law Institute of 2012, currently working as a legal administrative agent at The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. I am extroverted by nature and I have probabilities for everything that happens outside. I love interacting with new people, exploring new things and traveling a lot. The NIACL AO salary structure for a Scale I employee is listed as follows: There are various eligibility criteria that must be met by the applicant who wishes to be part of NIACL as an administrative agent if this does not result in the cancellation of the applicant`s application. Age criteria are also included. Sir Dorabaji Tata founded NIACL (New India Assurance Company Limited) in 1919, one of India`s largest insurance organizations. The NIACL AO exam is launched annually to fill vacancies such as administrative officers and specialized managers in several branches of the country. Generalists are officers who do not come from technical fields such as finance, law, etc. You are responsible for settling claims made by customers.

They are also responsible for the underwriting process and risk assessment. GPs also supervise the work of their assistants. They are largely responsible for verifying risk proposals and the authenticity of the claim made. Frankly, choosing law as your career was not a big choice. I explored many options after the 10th birthday and found law very interesting as a career option. At first, I was drawn to sophisticated newspaper articles related to the whole courtroom drama and other high-profile cases where lawyers played a very important role, but slowly, after reading more about the legal profession, my perception changed a lot. Candidates who pass the NIACL AO exam are appointed Scale I officers at New India Assurance Company Limited. NIACL does not accept interns, but during our training program, many new officers have suggested to the higher authority to accept interns in order to achieve better quality and give students the opportunity to understand the actual work in the general insurance industry, which I believe is very limited at the moment.

This will help both the company and the students. Our General Manager (HR) responded positively, we hope that NIACL will welcome the trainees like other power supplies in the years to come. I was transferred to the departmental office, my work is mainly related to third-party vehicle claims, consumer cases, workers` compensation cases, etc. We also represent the Company in arbitration proceedings. In senior offices such as WHO/Europe and headquarters, staff also work on ombudsperson cases, contract drafting and other business-related tasks. Up to scale 3, staff usually take care of the department in which they specialize, but after that, they have to take on additional burdens from other departments. In my firm, I am the only legal specialist, so the workload is higher than I expected when I joined the team. As a young officer, we receive support from higher authorities, but at the same time, expectations are also very high. There are pros and cons to any job, but my experience so far has been very satisfying. After my 10+2, I was fortunate to be skillfully guided by my father and some of his friends, who are reputable lawyers, on the different possibilities that the field of law has to offer.

So although I chose science as my branch after the 10th, there was still a tendency towards justice. Personally, I also felt that I had a better talent for law school than anything else. Details of the 2022 NIACL AO vacancy have not yet been released. The number of vacancies will be indicated as soon as the official notice is published. A total of 300 applications were announced by New India Assurance Company Limited in 2021 to fill the Scale I Administrative Officer position as General Officers. I do not know much about the onboarding process in law firms; People who work in law firms can guide you better. After joining NIACL, we completed a 12-week training program in Pune. During our introductory training, the respective department heads gave basic information about the different departments.

In the final stage of the training, a special practical knowledge session was organized. As legal advisors, they expect us to know the basic concepts of procedural law and other important issues such as tort, contract, etc. Most of us were not good at insurance law, but at the time of the training, we spent enough time on these issues. We know that NIACL deals with the insurance industry, where damage can occur from time to time. These resulting claims may give rise to opportunities for the company to enter into legal matters. In order to manage these legal affairs of the company, he appoints the legal secretaries. Lawyers are also responsible for preparing documents for the various processes of the company. They are the ones who prepare the contracts and agreements.

I was preparing for the audit of the judicial service, the notification for most of the state magistrates was delayed this year. In the meantime, I learned about the notification for hiring legal secretaries at NIACL. The recruitment process is similar to most diets. There are two phases, the written exam and the interview. The recruitment process in the four public insurance companies has not been completed in recent years, resulting in a shortage of officers in various departments. Many senior managers will be retiring over the next few years, so these companies plan to hire a large number of officers over the next few years. In most offices, there are vacant legal counsel positions; This is a very good opportunity for new graduates. Our batch was the first of this process and will continue for at least the next 2-3 years. Quantitative fitness is the common section of the preliminary and main examinations. The Quantitative Aptitude section covers the following topics: To apply for the NIACL AO exam, the required nationality criteria must be followed: A descriptive test is passed for 30 points (Letter Writing-10marks & Essay-20 points).

Objective and descriptive tests will be online. Candidates must answer the descriptive test by typing on the computer. Immediately after completion of the objective test, the descriptive test is performed. A candidate must qualify for the descriptive test, but descriptive test scores do not count towards the shortlist for an interview or final selection.