Good to know: This is New Jersey`s national legal helpline that provides brief service, advice, and phone referrals to low-income New Jersey residents with civil law issues. Criminal cases are transferred elsewhere. Individuals can speak with lawyers in English and Spanish. The service is free, but income limits apply. Many of the organizations listed below have strict restrictions on revenue and geography. The ability of some organizations to provide free legal services depends on volunteers and limited resources. There is no guarantee that any of the organizations listed below will be able to legally represent you. Good to know: This firm offers direct civil law services to clients looking for income. Without appointment only.

First come, first served. Good to know: This office provides free legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence and those who need family law support. If you need immediate help, please call your local police or call the National Domestic Violence Helpline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). The following list of legal resources is designed to help you find legal representation: Do you have a legal problem but can`t afford to hire a lawyer? There are many opportunities for free or low-cost legal advice for Essex County residents. The main avenues are nonprofit legal aid programs such as New Jersey Legal Services, a national legal helpline with a regional office in Newark, or other pro bono groups such as the ACLU and law school clinics. There may be income limits that apply to individuals to qualify for free assistance. Contact the relevant agency for more information. Below is a list of several organizations available to you. Good to know: Clients receive immediate emergency legal advice, preparation for legal documents and advice from lawyers.

These free legal services are available to qualified individuals based on their income. They do not offer full legal representation, such as hearing dates or arbitration, but can make recommendations to other full-service organizations. Good to know: This office provides legal services to New Jersey residents with disabilities such as mental health, people with physical disabilities, HIV/AIDS, developmental disabilities, and visual impairments. Although they don`t have an office in Newark, they serve all New Jersey residents. Areas of law: civil rights, family allowances, consumer debt collection, health law, fair housing and landlord-tenants. Areas of law: criminal justice, cyberfreedoms, discrimination, elections and voting, freedom of expression, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, national security, police practices, poverty rights, prisons, privacy, reproductive freedom and youth rights. Good to know: The ACLU does not generally assist in the following types of cases: criminal defense or post-conviction appeals, divorce or custody disputes, property disputes, tax matters, consumer complaints, landlord-tenant disputes, building code issues, and complaints against attorneys or judges. Good to know: The Newark office hosts the Immigration Rights Program, which helps people at risk of deportation for survivors of domestic violence and other crimes, for unaccompanied minors, and to support family reunification through naturalization and other immigration applications. You can charge a small fee. Call us to find out more.

Areas of law: housing, employment, landlord, immigration and family law. Areas of law: civil procedure, civil and constitutional law, family law, equality, immigration and guest workers` rights, impact litigation, juvenile justice. Areas of law: Family violence, family law, including injunctions, child and spousal support, access and custody, and divorce. Each year, Essex County brings together dozens of outreach organizations under one roof to provide information on services to seniors. Please join ENLS and others at this free event on October 18, 2022 at the Richard J. Codey Arena in Essex County, 560 Northfield Avenue, West Orange, NJ. Good to know: This location provides access to only information, publications, performance calculators and court forms. II. IF YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO LEGAL AID and ask to be referred to a specific lawyer, you can call the following agencies in your country.

Area of Law: Civil Law, Criminal Records, Consumers, Disability, Family Violence, Education, Family Law, Access to Health Care, Housing, Immigration, Name Changes, Public Services, Seniors` Affairs, Small Claims and more. Good to know: This office does not accept walk-in visits. Make an appointment. Area of Law: Civil law, including consumer, family, housing, employment and estate. I. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN`T AFFORD A LAWYER, you can call the following agencies in your geographic area. Area of law: defence of children, community law, constitutional law, federal tax law, special education law, urban legal clinic.