In addition, Microsoft Office contains programs that are used – depending on the version and operating system used. On Windows, you can use Access database software, Publisher desktop publishing software, and InfoPath to create XML forms, while OneNote for digital notes and Skype for Business for video conferencing, IP telephony, and instant messaging are available for all platforms. Since Softwarebuddies regularly purchases excess licenses from reputable companies, a regular visit to our online store is worthwhile. You can also contact us personally about your licensing requirements for Microsoft Office – we will be happy to advise you! Counterfeit data carriers are still offered for sale that deceptively resemble originals. The sale of counterfeit goods is, of course, illegal and generally punishable. Information on the design of the original Microsoft software is available here. Microsoft Certificates of Authenticity can only be used to identify products, especially PCs or DVDs, with Microsoft`s permission. Here are examples of legal marking of products such as PCs with COA: If the aforementioned conditions are met, the subsequent purchaser is entitled to use the computer program within the scope of the “intended use” within the meaning of § 69d Abs. 1 UrhG. What constitutes the “destination” of the resold computer program is clear from the original license agreement between the rightholder and the first acquirer.

According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice (judgment of 11.12.2014, Az. I ZR 8/13), one of the duty of care of the reseller of a “used” computer program is to inform the subsequent purchaser in an appropriate manner of the rights of “intended use” and, for example, to deliver the original licence agreement to him. Discover what Soft & Cloud has to offer and save when you buy Microsoft Office pre-owned. Contact us – our licensing consultants will be happy to help you find the right pre-owned software for your business. How can you protect yourself? The following points provide important information on how to distinguish legal offers from illegal offers. In all related judgments that legalise the trade in used software, the legal concept of the exhaustion principle of the German Copyright Act (UrhG) is central. According to § 69 c no. 3, sentence 2 UrhG, a manufacturer`s distribution right to his product – in this case software – is exhausted from the moment it is lawfully placed on the market for the first time with his consent, which means that it was sold by Microsoft. The author then has no influence on whether the first buyer buys the purchased goods, for example: resold as second-hand software. This situation applies not only in Germany, but also to the entire internal market of the European Union or the European Economic Community (so-called Community exhaustion). Are you looking for used Microsoft Office or other software for your company or organization and want to be sure of cheap and absolutely legal offers? Then you are right exactly in the online store of Softwarebuddies! As experts in buying and selling used software, we offer you many excellent offers and solid services.

Buy used Microsoft Office: The four most frequently used applications of the software If individual dealers or individuals nevertheless warn against buying used software, arguing that this is illegal and will be prosecuted, you as a Wiresoft customer can be sure that this claim does not correspond to the applicable jurisdiction. This also means that contractual clauses prohibiting the trade in second-hand licences have no legal effect. There are the following court decisions on free trade in used software: There is one downside: the Office package is not cheap. For companies in whose daily working life office applications play a major role, it is therefore advisable to buy Microsoft Office used and thus use the essential suite of programs legally at very reduced prices. Buying used Microsoft Office quickly pays off, as the desktop software package has earned its leading position in the market. For email traffic, spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing, you`ll find unmatched apps that convince with their easy handling and powerful features. Microsoft is now increasingly selling the Office suite in subscription format – nevertheless, many users prefer the version as a standalone software package. At Soft & Cloud you will find several used versions of Microsoft Office to choose from: We explain the advantages and disadvantages of used software and especially Office licenses and what you need to pay attention to when buying. In addition, we explain the legal framework in relation to aftermarket software licenses. New or used office? Until the beginning of 2018, it was also possible to buy a DVD when buying a new one. This gave the customer the imaginary security of performing a clean installation via DVD at any time without having to set up a Microsoft account.

“imaginary” because, of course, downloading from the Microsoft account was possible at any time. Officially, this is no longer possible. But if you like being able to use “Office” without a Microsoft account, you can get it from us on request. New or used is more a question of scholarship. Used is perfectly legal, so why pay more? Especially on the Internet, many obviously cheap software offers are circulating. These do not have to be illegal. Be careful though. An extremely low price can be an indication of illegal software. As a security measure, you should only purchase used software from resellers based in Germany.

The exhaustion principle also includes used software that was not purchased as a physical data carrier, but is installed by download with a product key. That fact is clearly expressed in the grounds of the judgment of the proceedings of 17 July 2013 by the BGH (file I ZR 129/08).