For abbreviations that are not on this list, here are some other search sites: There are two common paragraph abbreviations, paragraph and para. If you want to make one of the two plurals, simply add an “s”. According to experts, it is grammatically inaccurate to abbreviate the word paragraph verbally or in other forms of text. Usually we see the use of shortcuts where space is a major concern. Finally, it helps you squeeze a lot of writing into a small room. However, with the exception of editing or notes, the paragraph should not be abbreviated in the standard spelling style. For those who don`t know, an abbreviation is an abbreviated form of a written sentence used instead of the whole word. Using abbreviations is not only convenient and quick, but also helps you avoid spelling mistakes. In this article, you will learn how to abbreviate the word paragraph. Before we get to the abbreviation, let`s find out what this word means. The word paragraph is used as a noun in a sentence. It is classified as a separate section of a text that follows a single theme.

It is usually designated by a new line or numbering. Depending on, a paragraph is a section of printed or written content that deals with a specific idea and usually begins with a new line. If you specify a paragraph or subsection as part of a section, use only the section`s abbreviation. For example, section 15 (1) (b) of the Human Rights Act 1998 reads as follows: Use the full form at the beginning of a sentence (e.g. “Schedule” or “Section”) or if you are referring to a part of a law without repeating the name of the law. Elsewhere in the text, both forms can be used. Although you normally use the abbreviation when referring to subsections or paragraphs. Use the abbreviated form in all footnotes. If you quote part of an act in a footnote, insert a comma after the year and a space, but no period between the abbreviation and the first number, letter or introductory parenthesis. For example: laws are divided into parts, articles, paragraphs, paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.

In addition, the main text of the statutes may be supplemented by lists divided into paragraphs and subparagraphs. In your work, you can use abbreviations to refer to specific sections of the legislation. The abbreviations to be used are listed below: See also “announcement.” above. “vs.” is used in most scholarly writings in other fields, but “v.” is used in legal writing only. The paragraph abbreviation is often used when proofreading, editing, and taking notes. You can also shorten the word paragraph to paragraph or paragraph in the task if someone is referring to a specific section. For example, paragraph 3, line 2 should be corrected. The plural abbreviation of paragraph is pars. or para. How do you shorten the paragraph? The word paragraph has two common abbreviations.

These two abbreviations are sometimes used without periods. However, using a period is the grammatically correct way to use an abbreviation. In legal documents, it is common to cite other publications using standard abbreviations for the title of each source. Abbreviations can also be found for common words or legal phrases. These quotes and abbreviations can be found in court decisions, laws, regulations, journal articles, books and other documents. Below is a basic list of very common abbreviations. Since publishers have different practices regarding printing abbreviations, abbreviations can be found with or without dots for each letter. For example, the Code of Federal Regulations may be abbreviated to “C.F.R.” or simply “CFR.” When writing text, it is common to use a pilcrow (¶), also known as a paragraph mark, to indicate where a new paragraph should begin. By.

and paragraph are two different ways to shorten or abbreviate the word paragraph. They can also be used as plural abbreviations by simply adding an “S” to the end of the word. Hopefully, this article will provide enough knowledge about how abbreviations are used for the sentence paragraph exactly. In MLA and APA style documents, the abbreviation is used for the paragraph word with a period, while in other types of style guidelines, it can be used as “para” or “by”. Try searching one of the following print sources for legal abbreviations that were not found online. These publications are available regularly in legal and other libraries. The word paragraph acts as a noun in the sentence. This abbreviation is usually found when proofreading, revising or taking notes. You can replace the word paragraph with Par. or shorten the paragraph if you are editing essays or similar documents.

It is also common to see such shortcuts when space is a concern. in accordance with section 11(1A) of the Limitation Act 1980. Note: Read by. Number 5 again to understand the concept. Note: Paragraph 4, line 3, explains everything you want to know. Steal these prompts to keep your creativity flowing. Apart from editing or notes, the word is not abbreviated to general prose. Home » Dictionary of Abbreviations » What is the paragraph abbreviation? In general, there are two ways to abbreviate the term “paragraph”.

Please note that you should always refer to the policies of the department or school you received. There are several ways to refer to sections of the act in the text of your document. For example: This article was reviewed by Grammarly. Try it – it`s FREE! Note: Rewrite paragraph 4 for concise use of words. Steal these headlines templates for blogs, emails, essays and more!. Section 5 § 1 (a) of the Race Relations Act 1976. Race Relations Act 1976, section 5 (1) (a). Paragraph definition: The paragraph is defined as a specific section of text that usually deals with a single topic and is identified by a new line, indentation, or numbering.

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