Professor Andrea Nollent, Vice-Chancellor and CEO of ULaw, said: “It has always been extremely important for us to train the next generation of legal talent. Thanks to the new SQE training contracts, which allow students to experience the real world of law earlier in their careers and studies, we are now able to work with leading organizations such as Deloitte to pursue our goal of a more practical and practical legal education. “Our data protection officer is from the Northeast and will work from there, she will meet with us from time to time. Before the pandemic, it was impossible because people just thought everyone had to be 100% in the office. We have seen many initiatives within Nubank to welcome people from different regions – because Brazil is such a huge country that this diversity in terms of regions alone brings a lot of value to the teams,” says Pedro Frade, Nubank`s General Counsel in São Paulo. The consensus we found is that in addition to improving corporate culture, the legal and regulatory framework could also be modified to support diversity and inclusion. For example, companies could be required to be more transparent about their hiring and promotion processes and the policies adopted to protect D&I executives in companies, etc. A team from the firm, led by Michael Luckman, partner and Commonwealth board member, and Caroline McGrory, the event`s general counsel, will provide advice on a variety of legal matters, including brand reputation and dispute resolution management. The technology is firmly established in the legal market. The city`s law firms are leveraging developments in legal technology to offer the most practical solutions to the challenges clients face. Slaughter and May are also opening their doors to tech startups. Launched in April 2019, Collaborate was founded to strengthen the firm`s commitment to the best new legal technology developers. The program helps “shape the development of legal technology and identify future efficiencies in the delivery of legal services in general,” explain Billie Moore, chief innovation officer, and Jane Stewart, chief innovation officer.

Slaughter and May even offers cohort members two mentors – a mentor from the firm`s knowledge or innovation teams and a practicing lawyer from a field relevant to the entrepreneur`s business. Billie and Jane explain that by giving lawyers the ability to serve entrepreneurs, lawyers are “exposed to a wide range of legal technologies that allow them to identify potential market weaknesses or gaps. It is important that the development of Legal Tech is carried out in collaboration with the lawyers and/or clients of the firm. “While law firms regularly file their numbers on the composition of their teams and executives, in-house legal departments do not. Some organizations collect this information, but on a large scale, there`s no good way to understand the specific gaps in the domestic legal community as a whole,” says Hock of the Diversity Lab. She also joins the company`s management team, reporting to CEO Peter Holten Mühlmann and replacing former General Counsel Kasper Heine. Jameson led a 12-person legal team at Skyscanner and was involved in the £1.4bn acquisition of Chinese online travel giant in 2016. The legal technology tools developed by the companies within the technology hub also support Slaughter and May in implementing its corporate social responsibility strategy. Define is one of those tools put in place by a visually impaired lawyer who wanted to facilitate the process of reading contracts. JUST: Access is another member of the Collaborate cohort that aims to use legal technologies to improve access to justice.

Last year, Magic Circle invited two A-level students to programming workshops where “the students gained valuable paid work experience and hands-on practice and we also benefited a lot from their programming knowledge – a win-win situation,” says Billie and Jane. “We realized then that the majority of corporate legal leaders – general counsel – are men and there are few women,” she says. “We found that the management of the legal department was so lonely because we are just lawyers in the company. You don`t have colleagues exchanging information within the company when it comes to legal aspects. Elsewhere, Gowling won a tender to act as exclusive legal counsel for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games for the next three years. Having a mentor outside the company has many advantages. It offers a confidential space to discuss your career with an experienced professional, learn new perspectives and develop external networks. These programs are also a great way for our employees to meet different role models with similar backgrounds and experiences.

In addition to external mentoring, we also offer an internal mentoring program that offers our employees the opportunity to be mentored by a partner outside their legal group. Our employees can request a mentor with specific experience if they wish. The aim of the consortium is to focus the project on the products that law firms really need, while establishing common standards for the development of new tools. The aim is to provide companies and suppliers with a one-stop shop for legal technology, an initiative that, if successful, could lead to much-needed consolidation in the industry. Fittingly, 2019 marks the centennial of women in the legal profession, and in only the second season of coverage of the gender pay gap, there have thankfully been some improvements across the board. We encourage companies and groups to use the recommended logos on their websites, electronic signatures and marketing materials and, where possible, cite as a source. The logos may only be used by companies, groups and individuals recommended as part of our independent research in the editorial sections of The Legal 500. Law firms are competing in the technology race, but how far will they go in using legal technology? Today, innovative software is working to reduce the time lawyers spend on administrative tasks and allow them to refocus their skills to focus more on smart tasks that technology can`t replicate. Miller (pictured) will oversee Skyscanner`s global legal, regulatory and public affairs function, lead a team of 12 lawyers and come at a time when the Scotland-based firm is embarking on strategic change.

Jameson, a regular on GC Powerlist, worked for the company for six years and was involved in the Chinese online travel giant`s � acquisition of the company for £1.4 billion in 2016. “I think the pandemic has been very difficult, especially for working mothers. When I talk to my girlfriends, the word they always use is “exhausting.” Because in Latin American countries, the homework and education of children, care, are more the responsibility of women. In addition, we have a lot of contract terminations across the country and around the world, and women have been more affected than men,” says Ana Paula de Almeida Santos, former legal director of rock content in São Paulo. Mullins returns to ITV after serving as Group General Counsel between 2000 and 2007. She also held GC roles at EMI Music and energy company Mitie before joining easyJet in 2015. Fast Forward is another program that Slaughter and May offers to innovators. Launched in October 2016, Fast Forward aims to give start-ups access to world-class legal services they need, but struggle to find and afford. In January 2019, the company welcomed its third cohort of successful businesses, including an email collaboration tool, a social impact fintech tool, and an e-commerce delivery system to transport packages to urban areas via utility pipes. Technology centers aren`t the only way for companies to stay ahead of the tech curve. Technology-based apprenticeships are now offered on many international courses.