Veteran stars Vincent D`Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance returned for the fifth season of Law & Order: CI. This season, longtime Law & Order actor Chris Noth reprises his role as Detective Mike Logan alongside Annabella Sciorra as Detective Carolyn Barek, alternating episodes with D`Onofrio and Erbe (all four working together in the two-part episode “In The Wee Small Hours”). That`s because star Vincent D`Onofrio fainted from exhaustion twice during the fourth season, once on set and once at home. In season 5, detectives Robert Goren (Vincent D`Onofrio) and Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) alternate with original “Law & Order” detective Mike Logan and his partner Carolyn Barek (Annabella Sciorra). The season begins with the return of Goren`s nemesis, Nicole Wallace (Olivia d`Abo), who may be expecting a big salary from her new fiancé`s daughter. Later, in his first case, Logan`s methods raise concerns when he and Barek investigate a series of thefts from small jewelry stores. Other cases of the season: the mutilation of a medical student; the death of a businessman; the murder of an intelligence officer; and a series of arson attacks on churches. Guest stars include d`Abo Whoopi Goldberg, David Keith, Malcolm McDowell and Colm Meaney; and the original “Law & Order” Fred Thompson as D.A. Arthur Branch and Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet. This season of Law & Order: CI stayed in its NBC Sunday time slot at 9:08 p.m., its last season in that slot on NBC; The move to Tuesday in the sixth season led to lower ratings.

During the 2005–2006 season of Network TV, episodes clashed with episodes of ABC`s Desperate Housewives and episodes of Family Guy and American Dad! on Fox. The show “rolled” in ratings with the competition, but NBC executives were impressed by the 11 million viewers a week it was able to maintain. In February 2005, it was announced that Noth would join the cast and reprise his Law & Order character after a ten-year absence. “The hardest job in show business is playing a single lead role in an hour-long drama series,” said creator and executive producer Dick Wolf. Vincent has done an incredible job over the past four seasons, but after 3 years, the grueling pace has finally taken its toll. It`s an ideal solution for Vincent to continue doing the incredible work that has become the hallmark of the role. I`ve been working with Chris for 17 years, and having him repeat one of the most beloved characters in the brand`s history is a win-win. Commenting on the changes, star Vincent D`Onofrio commented: “I love this show and hope to stick to it while it`s airing,” D`Onofrio added. “Having recently worked with Chris on an episode, I can`t wait to see what he brings creatively to the show, and my reduced workload will be welcome.” Noth began: “It`s great to work with Dick and René again and to be back in the Law & Order family, I felt at home when I did the guest photo and realized how awesome the cast and crew are, it was an offer I couldn`t refuse.” [3] In an interview with TV Guide, Courtney B. Vance, how exhausting the episodes were for stars D`Onofrio and Erbe because they appeared in almost every scene, with Noth and Sciorra in the cast Vance says D`Onofrio and Erbe had a break: “Chris has wonderful energy.

He likes to have fun and make jokes. He and Annabella love each other too. The fluidity of the transition [between the two protagonists] is a testament to Dick Wolf`s genius. In the season finale, after a suburban couple is found beaten to death, detectives Logan and Barek suspect that their drug-ill son Kevin Colemar (Keith Nobbs) killed his parents because of their mass of money.[4] But when a local investigator (Kevin Dunn) urges the child to confess, the city police discover a conflict of interest. As another suspect with close business ties to the victims emerges, Captain Deakins encourages Logan and Barek to pursue the case outside the jurisdiction. and is thinking about his own future with the NYPD, opting for early retirement rather than trying to fight an interdepartmental battle. At the end of the season, Sciorra and Courtney B. Vance decided not to renew their contracts for another season, in the sixth season, Sciorra was replaced by Julianne Nicholson, who played Detective Megan Wheeler; After this season, if an episode required an assistant prosecutor, it was played by a guest star; In season 6 for two episodes each, Theresa Randle and Bridget Regan played Patricia Kent and Claudia Shankly of ADA. Co-creator and showrunner René Balcer and executive producer Fred Berner left the series at the end of the season.[6] Balcer returned to the original series Law & Order with Burner for the eighteenth season, with episodes of the seventeenth season stalled. In season six, Balcer was replaced by longtime Criminal Intention associate Warren Leight, and Berner was replaced by Norberto Barba. This season included the first two-part episode of the series and “Cruise to Nowhere” was later referenced for an episode of the eighth season titled “All In”. Note: For the first of only two times in the series (the next in season 9), all detectives work together for consecutive weeks, episodes 6 and 7 (“In The Wee Small Hours”), due to a particularly difficult case involving a judge.

Jamey Sheridan has announced that he will be leaving the cast of the series at the end of the season. Largely because Sheridan`s wife and children lived in Los Angeles at the time, he had to travel to New York City every week to shoot episodes. Sheridan`s character leaves the NYPD instead of facing false accusations from former Detective Chief Frank Adair (Michael Rispoli), whom Deakins did not want to protect from charges of murdering a woman and her husband. In season six, Sheridan was replaced by Eric Bogosian, who played Captain Daniel Ross.[1] The fifth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent premiered on NBC on September 25, 2005 and ended on May 14, 2006. Logan and his new partner, Detective Carolyn Barek (Annabella Sciorra), investigate a series of thefts from small jewelry stores, but Logan`s methods cause concern among his colleagues. Johnny: Peter Scanavino. Mya: Zoe Lister-Jones. Dede: Rebecca Wisocky. Donations. Logan and Barek work outside their jurisdiction to solve the brutal double murder of a wealthy couple in Nassau County.

The duo`s investigation brings them into conflict with a small-town police officer, who quickly blames the murders on the victims` drug-addicted son. Keith Nobbs. Goren and Eames look for motives in a series of church fires in which one person died. Captain Deakin`s future with the NYPD is becoming very uncertain. Josh Hamilton. After the body of a gambling addict was fished out of the Hudson River, Dets. Goren and Eames focus on two suspects: a 20-year-old poker player to whom the victim owes $500,000, and the victim`s questionable brother-in-law. Joey Frost as Lou Taylor Pucci Phil as John Pankow M.E. Rodgers: Leslie Hendrix. Malcolm McDowell plays a radio mogul whose Chinese-born wife (Cindy Cheung) is investigated by Goren and Eames for the murder of her son from a previous relationship.

A professor and a businessman are also questioned about the crime. Logan and Barek (Chris Noth, Annabella Sciorra) investigate a murder with a false identity that leads them to two cops with ties to the Mafia. Kerkoff: Nick Sandow. Virginia: David Keith. Renata: Kelly Karbacz. Phil: Stelio Savante. Tommy: Raymond Franza. The mutilation of a medical student after returning from a trip to Guatemala leads Logan and Barek to an unlikely suspect: a prominent plastic surgeon on Park Avenue (Samantha Mathis) who also runs a nonprofit organization in Central America. Antonio: Vincent Laresca. Goren and Eames interrogate mysterious technicians about the murder of a young worker at an IT company. Eventually, a possible suspect emerges: Robbie (DJ Qualls), an emotionally unstable codewriter who, according to Goren, is being exploited by his ultra-manipulative therapist. Jennifer Van Dyck.

Goren and Eames suspect that a young urban adventurer (Vincent Piazza) has been murdered after illegally obtaining medical records that could have been used in an “illegitimate life” lawsuit involving a child born with spina bifida. Alison pill. Victoria: Balm Talia. Drew: Jonathan Tucker. Nikki: Jessie Collins. Logan and Barek investigate the death of a businessman and interview a woman (Elizabeth Berkley) who takes advantage of unfaithful husbands by making false claims of paternity. Claire: Heather Burns. A stranger stranded by a snowstorm is found beaten to death in a Brooklyn hotel where she spent the night after having a few drinks with two strange men and an acquaintance (Emily Bergl), the Dets. Goren and Eames find a somewhat unreliable witness. Tim Rainey as Desmond Harrington Pete: Scott Decker. Jayson: Piter Marek. Detective Carrera: Chris McKinney.

The percentage of approved Tomatometer reviews that gave this film a positive review Detectives Logan and Barek interview a lonely airport employee (Brad Renfro) about a series of bizarre murders of prostitutes whose bodies are found after being knocked out of airplane wheel arches. Ethan Embry.