All guests are subject to a security check before entering the Prudential Center. For security reasons, the arena prohibits the entry of certain objects into the facility. Guests in possession of prohibited items will be denied entry or the items will be confiscated and not returned to them. If an illegal item is detected, security personnel immediately notify local law enforcement. If a guest is found in possession of a prohibited item in the arena, the item will be confiscated and the guest will be officially expelled. If you`ve said buying a muffler is too expensive, takes too long, or the paperwork is too confusing, you`re not alone. Buying a muffler is a big deal, and we don`t take it lightly either! But it`s as easy as ever! Click below for your painless one-stop shopping experience to purchase a silencer. Arena is designed to support highly realistic and unrestricted training beyond the confines of most tactical training facilities. The 2,300+ hectares are capable of withstanding the complete kinetic destruction of individual buildings, targets and complexes to train the full range of skills and tactics. It can accommodate multiple training cells simultaneously, support day or night training, and provide customized site readiness structures and reconstructions for counterterrorism and troop protection training. Please note that Arena does not have a subscription and is not open for individual use.

Private events are possible for groups of ten or more. Arena Training Centre 200 Sherman Road Blakley, GA 39823.