Unfortunately, Optima Legal Services Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. Provider of legal services to advise clients in the real estate and mortgage markets. The company`s offering includes contract negotiation, legal claims and dispute resolution management for real estate transactions, allowing clients to seek in-depth advice. I currently use NatWest and I use optima legally through them, the mines were a bit more complex than the transfer of equity, which I paid extra for optima. All they are waiting for is a return statement that the company sent 10 days ago and that I received in the mail. But my portal has not been updated. I called the other day, it was a pleasure in itself, because I didn`t go any further. I haven`t received a response on the portal for 10 days. Has your Remortgagie finally passed? Absolutely appalling service from Halifax BS named Optima Legal.

Refuse to accept an ID3 land registration form (identity verification) required to waive charges on my daughter`s property for a loan we provided for which she wants to repay us and must waive this fee to allow for a new mortgage through Halifax BS. The land registry confirmed in writing that form ID3 should be used, because we are not legally represented, act as individuals and because according to government regulations. Read the full review My experience with Optima Legal has been fantastic. Everything ended when planned. Kept informed of all matters. Everything they took care of and on my side seemed effortless, but I know a lot was done by the team that pushed this for me. Non-personalized legal service for mass production. They do not have a permanent clerk, the specialists “work” on shifts on the file, which does not create a sense of personal responsibility. Also, don`t expect a call from them. Read the full review An abomination of a legal entity. Unnecessary service.

Staff lack training, lack of staff, rude, don`t want to offer help. Lenders should be ashamed because they used this business one of the worst experiences of my life. Optima legal was recommended by the lender. It was a nightmare for me to get information from them. Each time, I have to push them to move the case. Due to their incompetence, they were unable to complete the debt restructuring on time. The staff is very inexperienced and doesn`t bother to read the “PLEASE AVOID FOR PEACE OF MIND” notes. Read the full Terrible Company review we went with as we thought that if our mortgage provider used them, they must be good enough.

How wrong we could be. The remortgium process lasted more than 3 months. Despite the return of all the documents they needed, there was silence. Do not try to call them as they will put you on hold for more than an hour and then the call will be disconnected. This has happened several times and emails regarding their secure website have not received a response. In the end, the mortgage provided raised a complaint and oddly enough, we got an email the same day and then things started to happen. The worst part, aside from the lack of communication and the ridiculous time it took, was that mortgage rates were going up every month. oh and we paid for this “service”. Never use this company if you can avoid it. Construction companies and banks should stop using them if they value their customers. They ruined my mortgage underwriting, and anything can fail now.

It is impossible to reach someone who helps – the construction company does not pass either. Your portal is confusing and inaccurate. You don`t want to find yourself in that situation. The customer service is terrible! You cannot contact your case manager or lawyer. You`re in luck if you contact an agent who knows nothing and can`t do anything other than register a recall request that never arrives. You sit on your document and don`t do any work! Avoid if these are offered to you in the Rehypothek and pay for a good service. I have found that the service is slow and takes weeks and weeks to complete paperwork or tasks. You can`t talk to a human through the portal and when you call, you never pass. This undertaking has caused unnecessary stress, which should be a simple remortheca. I requested (via the portal) an update of the human contact, but this was ignored. All I can say is to avoid. Read the full review Terrible company that has no personal contact with you and is likely to cost you money.

My experience: – Appointed by HSBC six months before a mortgage was needed – all our uploaded documents – said we needed a new mortgage offer because the address format did not match the exact format on the land register document, so we had to call our broker to clarify this – we said we could not refinance mortgages without the written permission of our 10 and 11 year olds. Germinate to confirm that it was absolute. Read the full review Absolutely shocking company, shocking portal, almost impossible to penetrate to a consultant on phone lines. I waited 25 minutes waiting for the second day in a row and the queue went out. It is not possible to change the information on the site, although they send one email after another stating that the information has not been completed, but absolutely no way to change the information or enter anything, also the portal likes to log you out and constantly get you to reset your password. Do not use this company. The whole experience from start to finish seemed less and went very well, a lot of updates. Excellent service. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

used them as part of a remortatheca with Santander. The experience was terrible. I`ve been talking to them since March (it`s May now) and every step of the process has been terrible. For example, my current supplier sent them 3 return statements and they claimed to have never received one, although they also sent them to me. Eventually, I had to call them and ask them to call my provider to get a copy. Then they made me make one. Read the full review Absolutely a waste of time, never answer the phone, never answer emails, not even from its own portal. I even went to the main office twice so I could try to get them to respond. The first time I spoke to a nice lady who had no idea what day it was. On my second visit, no one was available (surprise). Hold everything.

Personally, the person who takes care of my case, I do not think it exists. Halifax must separate as soon as possible to avoid having to deal with these problems. Read the full review Unfortunately, I have to leave a one-star review, otherwise it would be a zero. This enterprise can bring incompetence to a level of unimaginable proportions. From weeks to responding to correspondence, loss of paperwork, months of requesting information from our management company, everyone works for Optima in one day. We have been in a remorta library for almost 3 months and we still receive calls to say that the documents they have had for weeks are fake. Portal a waste of time because it takes as long to be updated as. Read the full review You need to think very long and seriously about the use of these guys.

Case managers refuse to take calls, customer service “if you can call it that” refuses to provide email addresses for case managers. They always apologize for how Covid limits their ability to work and things take longer (come on, guys; it`s just a bad excuse and patently wrong on every level). I asked the same thing 3 times in 3 weeks to the “invisible” case manager and STILL no answer. No appeal, and more importantly, the request has STILL not been processed. Currently, always “hold” after 35 minutes trying to pass. his scandalously poor service. I`ve never had a company that has the “computer says no” attitude as bad as this company. They worked on my Rehypothek and were asked by my banking bug to never use it again. You can`t talk to a representative without them proactively moving things forward. They will wait 14 days to get an answer, and then, when they get that answer, they will propose something else and wait again and so on. I never received a reminder even though I called every day for 2 weeks.

terribly I was offered a Rehypothek by Santander expiration date March. I got a two-month extension until May because covid prevented manufacturers from coming to submit bids. Optima didn`t update the portal, so I messaged them, talked to the broker, and called to make sure the extension was dropped. It was said that the mortgage had expired on the portal, but it was still.live to May!! I chased them, I told them to continue because I wanted this mortgage to continue. They did not. and the mortgage offer has expired!!! They then tried to say that they didn`t have a completion date, so they didn`t go on! What, an expiration date of 5. Mai, a client who tells them via the portal and by phone to continue as she wanted this mortgage??? The result is that I can`t have this mortgage offer now because the criteria have changed between the times, so I was completely abandoned, without money and all my plans and my life in ruins. Who are these faceless people?? Playing awkwardly with people`s lives?. I think you can refer or address your complaint to the FCA or the CSA of scottishtrustdeed uk. Why does a company as prolific as Barclays use this incompetent outfit? There are no words to describe the shocking service I received.

My simple remortuary from Halifax to Barclays was not completed on time and is still far from complete, although they have weeks and weeks to complete. They say they are waiting for a response from your lawyer to save even more time. Absolute size of time and energy. By the way, you trade through an online portal that is miserable. If you are interested in . Read the full review I was told that the Rehypotheken process would take a maximum of two weeks, it is now two months. Mortgages with Halifax and Optima were recommended by them, believe me AVOID!!! Checking currently on all available websites, as even Halifax registers a complaint with them, I am still waiting for a solution. Read the full review Are the reports true? It`s really worrying that I have a remorta library that I have to close this month, and I haven`t been able to answer the phone in days.