Are Flashing Brake Lights Legal in Texas

If they simply flash, their brake system has a poor connection. The pulsation attracts the attention of subsequent pilots and the pulsation becomes faster with a brighter light when braking is more difficult. The good official dug into the vehicle`s code and learned that in California, the devices are legal - as long as the brake lights do not flash more than four times in four seconds. For transparent taillight lenses to be legal, they must consist of the following components: The flashing light could also confuse other drivers. Could you be penalized…continue reading →

Are Fennec Foxes Legal in Wisconsin

You must obtain a permit to keep game in captivity (PR1350) to possess the gray and all color phases of red foxes. The permit appears to be open to the general public and also includes owners who owned the animals before the rule came into effect (no grandfather clause). Animals should be bred in captivity, not in the wild. The cost of the app is 45 USD. When you request this approval, an inspection of the case will be performed to ensure that it meets the correct specifications. These include security, the following…continue reading →

Are Dry Ice Bombs Legal in Arizona

When working with fireworks or explosives, it is important to know how to identify explosive devices that pose a safety risk. Here are some signs that a device could be an illegal explosive device: Arizona has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country. It is legal for most adults to carry a firearm without the need for a permit for open or hidden carrying. However, permits are available and a permit allows a firearm to be carried in specific locations where weapons are otherwise prohibited. Contact a competent defense attorney…continue reading →