7 Environmental Laws

The first examples of legal decrees aimed at consciously preserving the environment for one`s own good or for human pleasure can be found throughout history. At common law, primary protection was found in the Harassment Act, but this only allowed private claims for damages or injunctions if there was damage to the land. This creates odours from pig barns[2], strict liability against waste deposits[3], or damage caused by dam explosions. [4] However, private application was limited and proved woefully inadequate to address key environmental threats, particularly threats to shared resources. During the "great…continue reading →

360 Optima Legal

Unfortunately, Optima Legal Services Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. Provider of legal services to advise clients in the real estate and mortgage markets. The company`s offering includes contract negotiation, legal claims and dispute resolution…continue reading →

2011 Global Legal English

Communication Pragmatics for Lawyerscommunication Pragmatics for Lawyers will integrate the legal and extra-legal content of the other LEI courses into a very practical and communication-based curriculum. The objective of this course is to transform students` speaking, writing, listening and reading skills into the kind of multifaceted and communicative skills expected of lawyers working in world-class law firms, corporations, international organizations and government agencies. Students in this class will learn how to integrate the content of LEI`s extensive legal courses into their own English-language communication framework. Introduction to the American Legal System and Legal…continue reading →

10 Laws to Bring Peace Love and Prosperity to Your Kingdom

Oh, really? You probably don`t. Most have learned that God`s law has been "abolished"—or they simply have not realized that it is the only way of life that will bring true happiness and joy to mankind. Most have not realized that God`s law reveals the nature and character of God`s Self. And God commands us, "Be holy, for I am holy" (1 Peter 1:16). Remember that true Christians, those who are part of Jesus` "little flock," are described as those "who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus" (Revelation 14:12).…continue reading →

2 Definitions of Rhetoric

Aristotle argued that good rhetoric included these three methods. If you could merge the three seamlessly and bring them together into one unified argument, then you were a good rhetorician in Aristotle`s book. Rhetoric is important because arguments are important. If you can convince people to come to your point of view, you can be more successful on all sorts of topics. And it`s not just an academic skill! Think about the job process: When you write a cover letter, your job is to convince the employer that you are the best person…continue reading →